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Fiat 900t Van Restoration

This is a restration project happening in Australia

Easter Long Weekend – Clean under body

Posted by Admin On April - 11 - 2009

This weekend was a good change to spend a couple of good, solid days on doing some work (at the moment there’s plenty to do!). And since the old girl has been on the rotissary I haven’t had a chance to spend any time on her at all!

So I started with using the pressure cleaner to spray away all of the dirst and grease that was preventing me from even finding the nuts and bolts I needed to get to!

WOW! What a difference. There was sooooo much red dirt and muck it was unbelievable!

It started raining as well and I didn’t even notice! I was wet all over and covered in mud anyway so it made no difference!

Here are some photos of the event!


Pressure cleaning underneath

3 Responses to “Easter Long Weekend – Clean under body”

  1. Goran Crvcevski says:

    Dear Paul..

    Goran here, you have a great web site, go on. can help you with my information,pictures, and many technical information.
    My number is 00 389 75 975 646

    my skype name is: engine900

    With Respect

    Goran from Macedonia

  2. Rolf Schaper says:

    Nice to see that there exists on more Fiat 900T or is a 900E ?
    I have a 900T Bus since 20 years.Today >I have changed both axel drice weels.Ist a dirty job.
    The problem of the 900T ist to stay on the road when its windy,with speed higher than 65 kmh it starts jumping to the side.
    If you need tecnical infos send an Email

  3. Beau says:

    Hi Paul, I just got an 850T van and was wondering if you had any hints about the restoration process and if you had any contacts? Cheers Beau

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