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Fiat 900t Van Restoration

This is a restration project happening in Australia

First Post – where do we start!

Posted by Admin On February - 7 - 2009


7 Responses to “First Post – where do we start!”

  1. Mr Miles says:


    (Greetings from the other side of the world – UK)

    Just a random search (one of the strange things one does, having all manner of stuff to gaze at on the web !) on Fiat 900’s has lead me to your up to the minute site.

    I remember these being around in the UK for a while in the later 70’s and yes, they were mostly campers here too (although if you’ve ever stayed in a VW combi you’ll wonder at the arguments that must have blown up when staying in something so small – it rains a lot here !). Climate here also meant that they rusted away fairly quickly, which was the standard Fiat party trick.

    However, for some reason I’ve always liked the 900T. I think it was so much more interesting than the Daihatsu, Honda TN7, Suzuki Carry and other similar micro vans and far better looking. (There were also lots of them in Poland apparently, as well as Italia of course. What a find in Oz though. I would think it must be a long way from home, brought in by a small traveller.

    When I started out in property renovation several years ago I searched around for a Fiat 900 van, since I thought it would be quite a cool van to have, since I needed one for work – but no, there were none for sale anywhere and I bought a new Fiat Doblo. 100k miles on and its still going well.

    Hope your Easter break work has gone well. Good luck with the restoration. Sure it will be worth it and you’ll have a fantastic carryall.


  2. Admin says:

    Thanks for your post ;)

    I haven’t quite finished putting together this blog, so it was a nice surprise to receive your comments!

    That’s great that you have always liked the 900T. When I show people people pictures of what I am restoring, they either love it or hate it!

    Great that you stayed with a Fiat though!



  3. Petar says:

    Greetings from Serbia,

    I own Zastava(Fiat) 850 van. Our car factory ZASTAVA made this van under Fiat licence in period 1970-1988. From 1976-1985 they produced Fiat 850T under name Zastava 850 and from 1985-1988 van got 900ccm engine. My van is very old, 29 years he serve our family.It is a very useful little van, good for work and trips with big family.

    Good luck with van!!!

  4. Mario says:

    Hi Paul,

    Your 900t is a Fiat 900t AMIGO.
    It is build on the Isle of Man By Motor Caravan Conversions, I’m really sure about that.
    If you want more information, please let me know.

    Greetings from thr Netherlands, Mario

  5. Stu says:


    Just a note to say I love the blog. Excellent idea. I found it trawling for shots/info on the 850 and the 900. I live in Melbourne and a while ago someone over the road had parked an immaculately restored 850 van for a couple of days. Love at first sight – a steel-gray milk carton on wheels. There can’t be to many of them around.

    Have fun,


  6. Rolando says:

    Hi just to say excellent work & all the best. Happy memories of road-tripping from north east England to the Marche in Italy in a second hand 850T camper in the early 80’s. She’d seen better days even then! She was a beauty though & took the Alps no problems. Dad had dragged on this trip many times since the early 70’s & this was probably the most underpowered, aged & decrepid vehicle we’d ever done it in, but you know what?…it was a breeze, a delight! They are a delight and hats off to you for keeping another one out there! I feel inspired.

  7. Admin says:

    Thanks for your comments.
    I haven’t had much chance of late to do any more work on the old girl. We bought a new office for the business which needed renovating. It was good to work with timber!
    I am trying to work out a bit of a schedule at the moment on how I will tackle this to get it completed and enjoy driving it around! It all has to work around time, money and practicality!

    Stu, there is only one 850t van that I know of that could be the one you saw. A friend (through Fiats), Roger Beattie, who is down in Melbourne restored one. It’s roof hinges up from the front (hinges at the back) and he did a really great job restoring it. He is helping me on a few things with my resto.

    Thanks, hopefully there’ll be some updates soon!



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