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Fiat 900t Van Restoration

This is a restration project happening in Australia


Posted by Admin On February - 7 - 2009

I already own an 850 Coupe and an 850 Spider (amongst other Fiats) and when I heard about this van being an 850 derivitive I couldn’t help but get it and start restoring it. One day it will be a unique part of the 850 family!

I haven’t heard of any other 900t vans in Australia at all, there are a couple of 850t’s but none like this one. Although perhaps not a sought after model, it will certainly be a unique example of the Fiat marque.

This particular van is a 1977 900T Van which would have originally been a delivery van. It has been converted to a camper with an after-market pop top fibreglass roof which I will also restore. Please enjoy this site as a progression of the restoration process.

By all means if you have any advice to pass on, feel free! This is my first restoration project. My father, Ian, is also helping me. He has a background of being an aircraft mechanic (F1-11’s) and has rebuilt a few engines in his time.

Thanks, Paul.